abhi agarwal


I'm a Junior at NYU, and I study Knowledge, Robotics, Computer Science, Math & Engineering at Gallatin School of Individualized Study.




ra - 2015

In Fall 2014 I took a course called Compiler Construction, and it sparked my interest in trying to build my own language. The language I started building in my Spring 2015 semester is called Ra. The idea with Ra was to try build a language for web-application generation. Ra is built ontop of Go with C bindings.

context - 2014

We set out to develop a reading experience that incorporates context of news articles. Given an article from a popular newspaper, what are possible stories and pictures that complement the article's content. We suggest a feed of content, including sentiment data on locations of events covered by the article and tweets from previous readers, to provide a more informed, and efficient reading experience. Context was built primarily in Python and won the HackPrinceton Bloomberg Prize.

learnt - 2014

Creating a knowledge integration map for articles on Wikipedia, and using this to created a weighted graph and study associations between articles. Integrating this into a notes platform to help users understand how to connect their notes together and to guide them to things they should learn next. Learnt was built in Node.js.

phys.js - 2014

Phys is a library created for individuals who want to use simple or advanced physics functions in their day-to-day work. Phys allows users to perform physics equations on the backend, and on the front-end. Phys has libraries for mechanics, thermal physics, quantum physics, and much more. Phys was built in Javascript.


exploring methods of quantifying intelligence using theories in machine learning - 2014

steady-states of the one-lane roundabout - 2014

the travelling disease - 2014