abhi agarwal

my view on God

I have always had a complicated relationship and a complicated understanding of God. I don't understand my feelings, and I'm using this to understand my own feelings towards God.

I don't think God exists. I don't think I think God ever existed, but I very much enjoy and think the learnings that we can take away from the concept of God are very valuable. Every teaching of God sets a framework for how people should live, and these teachings help us guide our way of life.

There's a lot of holy books that exist that explain and set a framework for how humans should live, and how they should exist (and co-exist). Holy books such as the Bhagavad Gita, Bible, Quran and many many more. I believe that the people who wrote these holy books are the closest to what people think what a God is.

My belief is that the people who write the Holy books represent and have understood what humans should be and how they should act in society. They have understood the purest virtues that encapsulate our human society. I don't believe that someone guided them to write these books, but their subconcious is pure which has allowed them to guide us into their view of how humanity should exist.

These books are incredible important to our society. The books allow people to adapt a way of life, and join a society of people. Having a society is an important part of our way of life, and since the formation of democracy and government having and being in a society is necessary.

It seems like people need someone or something to guide them through life. Most people do seem like they use these Holy books to guide them through life and allow writings by this "God" to help them get through their days. Life is very confusing and there are a lot of uncertainties that we go through, and having a guided way of life that your friends and family follow along your side helps people remove some of these uncertainties.

The peace of God is with them whose mind and soul are in harmony, who are free from desire and wrath, who know their own soul. (Bhagavad Gita)

To me that quotation is very important, but it's a good teaching with or without the belief of God. The quotation from this Holy book explains how we should live and how we should guide our life. It seems to me that most of the teachings in most Holy books don't require God to follow and adapt. They are good learnings and good frameworks to live our lives.